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The Western Producer  "It's the little things in life that count" - July 2018

Featured Article on Microbiometer by Ron Lyseng
Microbes are the vehicles that transfer nutrients to plant roots in your fields. Counting these tiny living beings may give you a meaningful reading on the health and potential of your soil.

As the science of soil becomes increasingly aware of the role microbes play, we’re seeing more commercial soil additives claiming to foster microbial activity (read full article)

Garden & Greenhouse "Why Soil Needs Microbial Biomass"  - July 2018

by Judith Fitzpatrick, Ph. D.

Lawns are happy when microbial biomass is around 400ugC/gm soil while gardens do best at about 600ugC/gm. Plants make their own food, but the minerals a plant needs, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium etc. must be provided and they are naturally provided by the microbes in the soil.  (read full article)

"The Carbon Chronicles©"

by Judith Fitzpatrick, Ph. D.

Two hundred years ago the soil contained 3000 gigatons (Gt) of carbon. Now half the carbon in the soil has been released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, mostly by agriculture. Why is this important?  (read full article)

"Why you need soil microbes and microBIOMETER®!"

by Judith Fitzpatrick, Ph. D.
(listen to Podcast)

Articles of Interest

 "Healthy Soil Microbes, Healthy People"
The microbial community in the ground is as important as the one in our guts. 

"Farmers Keeping Nutrients on the Field, Out of the Streams"
Clean water is a priority for all of us. When farmers manage nutrients, they are also helping to minimize the runoff of nutrients into local streams and rivers

" How plant microbes could feed the world and save endangered species"
The friendly microbes assist with growth and photosynthesis or help plants survive in the face of drought and other stressors. Some protect plants from disease or from plant-munching animals.