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Why are microbes important?

Living soil fixes nutrients, resists stresses, and stores fertilizer and water more efficiently, which means microbes increase productivity while reducing inputs. Quantifying these microbes is crucial and with microBIOMETER®, it is now practical. Our easy to use soil test is done on site with results available on your smartphone in as little as 20 minutes.

Why microBIOMETER®?

Replaces costly lab tests with real time testing on living soil

Sending your soil out for lab testing is costly and can take weeks to get results. microBIOMETER® allows you to test your living soil on-site with results available in 20 minutes for a cost of $10 a test. microBIOMETER® is faster, less expensive and provides a higher level of accuracy than lab microscopy.

Monitors the effectiveness of your soil amendments

Amendments are a great way to improve your soil and crop yield, however, they can be expensive and time consuming. Use microBIOMETER@ to quickly assess how your inputs are impacting your soil's microbial biomass to determine if they are effective. An increase in microbes tells you that you have increased their food, therefore, increased the food for your plant. You don't need to do anything more.

Fights climate change through knowledge and awareness

Microbial biomass is the single best indicator of soil health and microBIOMETER® can tell you the level of microbes in your soil. This knowledge enables you to make smart decisions regarding the use of chemical fertilizers. Overuse of these types of fertilizers is bad for the climate, for our food sources, and for the future of our planet. Feed the microbes and they will feed the plants.

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