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microBIOMETER® soil testing hemp plants in New York

Kerry Trammel is the owner of The Releaf Market LLC located in Jamestown, NY. The market has been open for business since March 2019. Kerry has had a license to grow hemp in New York State since September 2019.

The Releaf Market uses microBIOMETER® to test their indoor grow as well as their 2.5 acre outdoor grow. They love the fast, accurate results they receive with the test as well as the fact that they can take it right out to the field and get results quickly without having to send their soil off to a lab. The app lets them compare their previous test results and label them for easy identifying which they find very helpful for their business. microBIOMETER® has upped their IPM and allowed them to optimize their field potential.

“This product is a game changer and I would recommend it to anyone who wants fast, reliable results. Thank you for all you do to help farmers today achieve success.”

In this test, Kerry was looking to see the difference between a smaller hemp plant and a large hemp plant.

The small plant came in better at 804 µg C/g, F:B 1.7:1 and the large hemp plant came in at 690 µg C/g, F:B 1.4:1. All levels moved up from their tilled garden sample.

Please visit The Releaf Market LLC Instagram page to learn more about their business.