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The microBIOMETER®

microBIOMETER® allows you to estimate the soil microbes (microbial biomass) to determine your soil health in 10 minutes for 10% of the cost of a lab test. Results are read and stored on your cellphone or tablet and in the cloud for access across all your devices. 

Use the microBIOMETER® to

  • Measure the microbial biomass in a compost sample. The higher the numbers of microbes the richer the compost.
  • Measure the microbial biomass in a sample of inoculum.
  • Measure the microbial biomasss in liquid soil amendment.
  • Calculate how much you can dilute your liquid soil amendment.
  • Track the changes in microbial biomass with season and treatment.
  • Track the recovery of soil by treatment – the vegetation will increase as the microbes increase.
  • Measure how effective your soil treatments are.  If your microbial biomass numbers do not increase, try a different treatment method.

Is your soil the best it can be?

Microbes in the soil provide soil structure and form a symbiotic relationship with the plant through the roots.  The health of your crop depends on a stable ecosystem of microbes in the soil.

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