“Finally, there is a way to measure if soil or related products actually team with microbes! microBIOMETER® is an advancement in measuring soil food web activity that finally lets us know if our inputs are working. It is an invaluable tool with tremendous potential to improve our soils.” 

Jeff Lowenfels Author of “Teaming with Microbes, Teaming with Nutrients” and “Teaming with Fungi”


“microBIOMETER® is a very efficient and time saving tool. It can be used by scientists, farmers, or a gardener in learning the microbial health of their soil. This testing process is also very non-invasive, and thus having a lesser negative environmental impact compared to traditional testing.” (Read more)

Dr. Anna Paltseva, University of Louisiana at Lafayette



“microBIOMETER® is an innovation that has made it possible to quantify the life in the soil. This economic tool, I believe, not only helps us improve our soil at the gardening/farming level, but it can also help us deepen our understanding and comprehension of the soil food web and the LIFE underground. This will ultimately lead to a tremendous positive change at the psychological and behavioral level.” (Read more)

Dr. Jassem Bastaki, Sustainable Organic Q8, Kuwait

“Prolific Earth Science’s microBIOMETER® has been an excellent field-test for validating the effectiveness of our applied soil amendments. With the agriculture industry’s momentum towards more sustainable cropping practices and emphasis on soil health, I believe the microBIOMETER® will be a central part of my field evaluations moving forward.”

Jared Essman, Biogro


“microBIOMETER® has allowed us to quickly, easily and inexpensively record existing benchmark measurements of our soil microbiology and reassess the effects of stock movements and plant/soil amendments.” (Read more)

Adam Rabjohns, Leeston Pastoral, New South Wales, Australia

“microBIOMETER® is a great tool for measuring the microbes present in your soils. It allows you to have a better understanding of what needs to be done to improve your soil fertility because everything starts with the biology.

microBIOMETER® is extremely easy to use and comes with step-by-step instructions. One of the things I personally love the most is the imagery, the ability to digitally look at the image and share across digital and social media platforms. This provides me with a greater capacity to reach a wider audience.”

Brandon Rust Organic/probiotic Cannabis cultivator, Crop management Consultant, Co-Owner of Bokashi Earthworks.


“I run a 4th generation farm in Brazil that grows corn and soybeans as well as raises cattle. I began working deeply with biological agriculture in 2017 incorporating new methodologies specifically related to soil health. My goal is to grow plants with a better immune system, therefore, decreasing dependence on chemical pesticides while building healthier soil.

microBIOMETER® is an important tool because it allows me to measure the level of microbes in my soil as well as measure the quality of my compost. Each farm is different and you need to create your own patterns to correlate and compare.  I believe biological agriculture is the way to regenerate and create more resilient soil that will supply nutrients and higher immunity to the plants. This is why microBIOMETER® has become a invaluable asset to my soil management efforts.” (Read more)

Chiapeta Empresa Agricola a family agrobusiness in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

“microBIOMETER® is invaluable in determining what is going on in soil. Whether I’m looking at an urban farm or suburban landscape, getting numbers on the microbial biomass activity and balance of fungi to bacteria helps me determine next steps. I can test my teas and inoculants, as well. Jump starting the system addresses so many challenges on a site and best of all, I know the site will start sequestering CO2. This is carbon negative, planet positive!” 

Hilary Noonan, Mad Hatter Compost Tea

Brewing tea for better soil features microBIOMETER® and Mad Hatter Compost Tea.


“microBIOMETER® makes accessible the ability to think about and see soil from the important perspective of the microbe. At Carbon Sponge microBIOMETER® is an important part of our toolkit to monitor urban soil health and understand soil carbon sequestration. It is an easy, quick and fun test we can perform in the field, yard or street!”

Brook Singer, Associate Professor of New Media at Purchase College

“I utilized microBIOMETER® on the sustainable Republic Square project during and post-construction. I immediately noticed that soils that were within close proximity of existing trees and that were less impacted by construction activities returned the highest MB levels. Now that a baseline representation has been established– we know which areas need improvement and have the ability to monitor changes as they progress toward minimum thresholds. microBIOMETER® will play an important role in identifying trends in soil health across various areas within the park.”

Jason Radcliff, a principal and the Director of Quality Management at dwg.

“We love microBIOMETER® because it is affordable and it gives us a quick census of the microorganisms in our castings. We learned early on that a simple NPK soil test did not give us the data we were looking for.” (Read more)

Micah Barker, Green Country Worms, Oklahoma


“Test your soil regularly. Microbes matter! microBIOMETER® is portable, easy to use and offers instant results. I also appreciate the developer’s passion for soil microbiology.”

Todd Dalotto (CAN! Research) Innovates and implements protocol for the scientific research of cannabis.


“We use microBIOMETER® to assess the ability of soil underneath trees to cycle nutrients. If we have a client with a sick tree, we can quickly see if the problem is low microbial biomass. If it is, then we can do vertical composting and apply humate (among other things) to start a positive feedback loop which sets up long term tree health. The speed at which we get results with your product makes it vastly superior to traditional soil nutrient tests.”

Adam Salcedo, Heritage Tree Care providing professional tree care to residential and commercial customers.

“Until now, monitoring the microbial biomass in my large scale Living Soil cultivation facilities has been costly and time consuming. Sending my soil samples out for evaluation can take a week or more. With the microBIOMETER®, I’m able to see instantaneous and accurate results.  This test allows me to see how the choices I made yesterday affects my Soil Food Web today. With microBIOMETER®, I can innovate and troubleshoot quickly, which is essential when running a professional garden.”

Cassandra Maffey CEO/Master Grower for Force of Nature LLC

Image (4)

“The students were delighted to observe the use of microBIOMETER® to assess fertility based on the measurement of soil microbial biomass. It was explained to the students that microBIOMETER® is used monthly to assess the evolution of fertility due to the different inputs applied to the soil, the crops and harvests carried out, as well as throughout the seasons. Therefore, providing a database of great importance to make future decisions.” (Read more)

Antonio Feres Neto, Sítio Escola Portão Grande in Brazil.

“This [fungal to bacterial ratio test] is a very exciting advancement. We love the work that you are doing for farmers and bringing such sophisticated testing as a DIY.” Rhonda has used microBIOMETER® to test humus compost as well soil around the rhizosphere. Click here to see the results of her testing.

Rhonda Daly YLAD Living Soils in Australia.


“microBIOMETER® was quick and easy to get results and gave us a great insight into where we are at today. It is an easy to run, invaluable tool to immediately see exactly where we are at, soil microbe wise. I plan to be using this quite frequently to evaluate how we are doing with our farm/soil stewardship goals.

We plan to do testing before and after applications of a number of commonly used products on our farm so we can evaluate if each one is helping or hurting our microbes. This way if we do have to do anything that will hurt them we can hopefully follow it with products and practices that will help them heal.” (Read more)

Mike and Laura Ellis, Mt. Hope Farms, Oregon.

“I am in the business of creating the highest quality artisan soil amendments. And while I knew by observation, and more importantly from results, that my products are the best, I was lacking scientific data and actual numbers. Although I purchased a microscope, recognizing and identifying what I was looking for was beyond the scope of my expertise. This lack of hard data made me unsure of, and even doubt, my products.

microBIOMETER® has been a tremendous game changer for me. Now I can test my soil amendments and know without a doubt that mine are the best soil amendments being put on the market. This confidence in my products, the confidence afforded to me by microBIOMETER® allows me to approach customers with the confidence I need in order to be successful.”

Galil Soil Farm located in Yavne’el, Israel. Binyamin Klempner Producer of Artisian Soil Amendments.

“The soil microBIOMETER® system was by far the easiest, quickest, and cheapest test in an extensive panel of measures I am using in my graduate research comparing various composts. The variability of repeated measures by microBIOMETER® is low, so it is a promising tool for research that needs many samples of adequate precision. While the test reports in micrograms of microbial biomass, it may also be a useful tool for determining other attributes of the sample like soluble organic carbon etc.

There is no one definitive or perfect way to ascertain soil microbial biomass, a quick tool like the microBIOMETER® opens up the benefits of taking many measures to understand differences across place, management, or time.”

Ben Samuelson, Graduate student at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln specializing in horiculture.

soil amendments

“We utilize microBIOMETER® to measure the amount of life in the compost we use in our organic living soil. We run a soil test on each new batch. It is an important tool for us because with it we can analyze the microbiology present in the soil and understand if it really is at the appropriate levels so we can call it Solo Vivo!”

Dre, Fat Crystal an organic nutrient company located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


“Having a fast, accurate and objective way to assess my products provides me with the data needed to make informed decisions. It gives my customers and I confidence that my products are going to help them meet their goals. What a great product for the small producer like me, for whom a home lab isn’t practical and routine commercial lab testing is prohibitively costly!” (Read more)

Ben Rodman, Lyons Worm Works


“microBIOMETER® has upped our IPM and allowed us to optimize our field potential. It is a game changer and I would recommend it to anyone who wants fast, reliable results. Thank you for all you do to help farmers today achieve success.” (Read more)

Kerry Trammel, The Releaf Market LLC, Jamestown, NY

“I like microBIOMETER® as it is a cost-effective tool with a high impact, potentially.” (Read more)

Jo Ploumen, Ploumen E.S. Compost in the Netherlands