Soil testing at Central High School

The Central High School Special Education 9th and 10th grade science class reached out to the NOFA/Mass  Food Access Team to assist in preparation of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) exams. Mr. James Wilkins, the Department Chair, in collaboration with Sis. Anna Muhammad, Food Access Director, created a year

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Worm Beds

Soil Testing Liquid Vermicompost with microBIOMETER®

Worm Power, a world leader in organic vermicompost products, helps growers improve crop yield and plant performance through increased root development and plant nutrient uptake. Worm Power’s Vermicompost Liquid Extract is shelf-stable soil amendment from liquid worm castings that have hundreds of diverse bacteria species. The company currently utilizes the

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Holganix Midwest

Holganix utilizes the microBIOMETER® test as a baseline for their customers to see the fungi and bacteria levels present in their soil. These results act as a starting point. Most of the soil initially tested is bacteria dominant. That is what the company is trying to change. The Holganix product

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Hand pouring soil checking quality for sow or grow a seedling of vegetable.

Which soil test is right for me?

There are many soil tests on the market so it can be difficult for farmers to ascertain whether or not they’re choosing the right one. The truth is, there are pros and cons to every soil test. Therefore it boils down to finding which ones align best with your farming

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Bright Endeavors Now

Bright Endeavors Now (BEN) located in Tanzania, East Africa was started by Biology professor Dr. Regina Herbert, PhD and her husband, an Electrical Engineer, Ricardo R. Herbert, MUP, MBA. The BEN program provides an environment where budding engineers, designers, scientists and doctors are introduced to concepts in the sciences, technology,

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Rapeseed and cereal seedlings  growing in agricultural  field to improve soil structure, cover crops to improve soil structure, sustainable agriculture concept

Cover Crop Study

David Purdy, Territory Business Manager at John Deere and Soil Health Specialist, utilized the microBIOMETER® soil test in his study titled Assessment of the mircoBIOMETER Soil Biology Test for Agrovista LTD. Background: There is an increased level of interest in soil health and a greater demand for more analytical approaches,

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An unrecognizable farmer working in the field. He's analyzing his land.

Applied Bio-Minerals, Inc.

Founded in 2008, Applied Bio-Minerals, Inc.  specializes in managing naturally present microbiomes using mixtures of mined minerals. The company’s operating mode is based on observations, and a close collaboration with the customer. The holistic approach enables farmers to use microbes already present on their farm to their benefit by lowering

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Soil Testing with Soul Fire Farm

We first had the pleasure of working with Briana Alfaro and Soul Fire Farm in 2021 when they began testing soil with farmers in their network as part of their SARE research project, Soil Carbon Capture for Diverse Farmers; Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous and other farmers and farm workers of

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microBIOMETER® takes part in soil testing study

BioHub Solutions, an Australian company that provides biological solutions to the agricultural industry, has incorporated microBIOMETER® into their business. BioHub Solutions believes measurements should be simple whenever possible to ensure their implementation and repeatability. microBIOMETER® has become an integral part of the BioPlan processes. Growers also like it because it

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Hypatia I soil testing on Mars!

Hypatia I is an interdisciplinary and multigenerational team of Catalan female scientists who journeyed to the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah in April 2023 for an analog mission to determine if there is life on Mars. At MDRS, they performed high-quality space-related research in a simulated environment, in

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Golf and Turf Management with microBIOMETER®

Andrew Turnbull is the owner of SouthWest Agronomy Ltd (SWA) located in Tavistock, England. His company offers advisory and consultancy services to golf courses and sports turf facilities. One issue the company faced was how to prove to their customers that their recommended treatments were actually having a positive influence

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Isha mB Test

microBIOMETER® Partners with Save Soil Foundation

microBIOMETER® is excited to announce a new partnership with the Save Soil Foundation, a global, non-profit organization. The Save Soil Foundation (SSF) was initiated as a part of the #SaveSoil campaign which has committed to solving our planet’s desertification crisis through sustainable soil management practices.  The purpose of this collaboration

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