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microBIOMETER® in Urban Soil Study

Effects of Humate and Organic Based Soil Treatments on Urban Soil Characteristics Zack Shier, Board Certified Master Arborist and Plant Health Care Manager at Joseph Tree Service, is utilizing microBIOMETER® in his study titled Effects of Humate and Organic Based Soil Treatments on Urban Soil Characteristics. Introduction to the study.

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Harvesting potatoes on field, farm workers picking and transporting to the warehouse

Soil research in Kenya with microBIOMETER®

Janet Atandi, a nematology PhD student in Kenya, is currently working on an assessment of banana fiber paper on soil health as part of a Wrap and Plant technology study. In brief, she is testing the long-term effect of using modified banana fiber paper to manage plant-parasitic nematodes and its

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Nitrogen fertilizer study at Ursinus College

University study demonstrates legumes are more efficient at improving soil MBC than grasses Under the direction of Assistant Professor Denise Finney, Kylie Cherneskie, biology student at Ursinus College, conducted an experiment on the impacts of nitrogen fertilizer addition on soil microbial communities. Kylie measured microbial responses using microBIOMETER®. Click here

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Asian girl holding hands before the ground breaking of the ground. Soil deterioration can not grow crops on land died by the hand of the master's in black and white. Conveys the arid and lifeless.

Things you need to know about the Fungal to Bacterial Ratio (F:B)

microBIOMETER® is the only non-laboratory test for F:B. The methods of measuring F:B ratio give very different values 1-11. The Gold Standard for estimating fungal biomass is microscopy, which calculates fungal biovolume.  Note that microBIOMETER® detects the same range as microscopy- not surprising as it was validated by correlation with

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Cotton field (Turkey / Izmir). Agriculture concept photo.

microBIOMETER® testing for soil health and yield stability

Nature article reports that microbial biomass estimates by microBIOMETER® correlates with soil health and yield stability. The microBIOMETER® soil test was used to report microbial biomass in a recent Nature publication*. Scientists Dr. Judith Fitzpatrick and Dr. Brady Trexler of microBIOMETER® collaborated with a University of Tennessee team headed by

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hemp farm soil testing

Soil testing at a hemp farm in Iowa

PLANT Group is a team of designers, engineers, and ecologists. The company is building systems to connect humans and nature. In the process, they are soil testing at a hemp farm in Iowa, Honeysuckle Hops & Hemp. First, through their partnership with Blue Forest Farms, the team at PLANT Group

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Panoramic allotment greens.

Community gardening with microBIOMETER®

Informal science education is a key for community engagement and healthy gardening. Community gardening  brings numerous benefits such as fresh produce, therapy, physical exercise, reduction in grocery bills, improvement of mood among many others. “Last weekend I had the privilege to teach community gardeners on the importance of soil testing

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microBIOMETER® Soil Testing in France

The Biospheres, working through the CDA*,  accompanies and trains farmers/agricultural companies in the agroecological transition based on a soil conservation approach. The group is also working on applied research projects and therefore on trials under real farming conditions in which they evaluate the impact of certain changes in practices on

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