Tequila Jalisco, Mexico - August 15, 2020: Two farmers are cutting the agave stalks in the field.

Soil testing in Mexico

Soil testing in Mexico

In the Pacific region of Mexico (state of Sinaloa), many vegetables are grown mainly for export to the United States and Canada. The soils in these crops have been greatly affected by the intensity of their management, which has unfortunately caused a considerable loss in their fertility and microbial biodiversity. In lieu of this, the use of biotechnologies based on microbial complexes is currently being highly promoted in order to inoculate the soils and recover part of the natural fertility. This is being performed alongside the use of other organic tools such as algae extracts, humic/fulvic acids, and liquid composts.

Mydagro LLC is using microBIOMETER® on vegetable plots where their biotechnology E-Microzyme (mix of beneficial bacteria) is inoculated into the soil. Their results have shown an increase in microorganisms and yield compared with the check plots. With the use of the microBIOMETER® soil test to measure the microbial increase quickly, it is now possible to better understand the behavior of microbiology and the positive effects of this type of horticultural crop.

“microBIOMETER® has proven that the use of biological and organic technologies can substantially help with the renewal of worn-out soils and gradually revitalize them to boost the productivity and health of the crops.” Fernando Cantu Galindo- Technical advisor Mydagro LLC Mexico