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Holganix Midwest

Holganix utilizes the microBIOMETER® test as a baseline for their customers to see the fungi and bacteria levels present in their soil. These results act as a starting point. Most of the soil initially tested is bacteria dominant. That is what the company is trying to change. The Holganix product used to amend the soil is fungal and protozoa dominant. By increasing these levels, they are increasing the soil health on their customer’s farms.

microBIOMETER® acts as a dashboard or gauge that shows where growers start, where they are during the course of the season and where they are at the end of the season. Holganix uses this information to build a database that records year over year results; with the goal of increasing the biology in the soil.

These two photos from the microBIOMETER® app show one of their check fields vs. the same field with their product. This is an accurate representation of how they like to package the information for their growers.

“microBIOMETER® is a simple to use test that opens the eyes of our growers all across the Midwest. When they see the real time results, they begin to understand how important living biology is for their soil.”

About Holganix: As the only true plant probiotics, Holganix Bio 800+ products contain an entire microbiome or community of organisms that is both abundant and diverse. In a single tote of Holganix Bio 800+ there are more than 800 species of active microbes, microbe food, and nutrient enhancers. Working together, the microbes in Holganix Bio 800+ unlock nutrients already present in the soil and optimize the uptake of nutrients you apply, maximizing nutrient efficiency and minimizing loss. Microbe food helps obtain the rapid establishment of beneficial microbes, while nutrient enhancers work with the microbes to promote strong root growth and healthier plants.