soil health

Why is microBIOMETER® the best test for soil health?

soil health testUntil now tests for microbial biomass were expensive and time consuming. microBIOMETER® costs $13.50 or less and takes 20 minutes with results read by your cell phone.

* Only microBIOMETER® identified soil health in a U. of Tennessee study of soil health test methods including Cornell, USDA, Alabama and other soil health panels costing ten times as much.

* There are >2 million academic articles that use microbial biomass laboratory tests as proof of soil health. However, lab tests cost $100 – $500. microBIOMETER® takes 20 minutes at an average of $10/test.

* Soil microbes quickly die when removed from the soil. microBIOMETER® reveals the microbial biomass of your soil as it exists. Lab tests use dried soil and we have demonstrated that 80% of microbes die upon drying.

* The low cost and simplicity of microBIOMETER® means you can use it to monitor what is happening in time to make necessary corrections.

* microBIOMETER® can tell you if you are increasing your soil organic carbon. For instance, an increase in microbial biomass of 100 ug MBC/g per acre of agricultural land is equal to an elephant’s weight in microbial biomass, which is about 400 lbs of microbial carbon or >1450 lbs of CO2 equivalents. This can be accomplished by switching from heavy chemical fertilizer use to regenerative practices.