An unrecognizable farmer working in the field. He's analyzing his land.

Applied Bio-Minerals, Inc.

Founded in 2008, Applied Bio-Minerals, Inc.  specializes in managing naturally present microbiomes using mixtures of mined minerals.

The company’s operating mode is based on observations, and a close collaboration with the customer. The holistic approach enables farmers to use microbes already present on their farm to their benefit by lowering their inputs and maximizing their revenues, all naturally. As part of the service provided to customers, the company regularly measures progress to ensure the farmer’s goals are met.

Their approach is to examine the entire living soil profile and record its evolution from a baseline set before the application of products. Among the many variables one is essential, the amount of living micro-organisms, and the ratio between bacteria and fungi, at various soil depths.

That is where microBIOMETER® comes in. They have been utilizing the microBIOMETER® soil test in their business since 2020.

“microBIOMETER® is a very convenient tool to have a quick result (in the field) on microbes and allows decisions and adjustments in conducting the field as the season progresses or from one season to the next. Microbial life might sometimes be surprisingly active in depth (here a vineyard). The importance of checking compost quality also underlines the usefulness of the microBIOMETER®” – Herve Bonin, co-founder and managing partner of Applied Bio-Minerals, Inc.

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Data from Applied Bio-Minerals, Inc. customer in Virginia