Spraying chemicals to kill Dandelions in a residential landscape

Science Fair Project: Effects of Herbicides on the Soil

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Effects of Herbicides on Soil

Working with students to help them better understand the complexities of soil as well as fuel their passion for the life underground has always been one of the primary goals of our company. These young minds are vital to the future of our planet.

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Emaan Ashfaq, a ninth grader at Ashfaq Homeschool. Emaan performed a science project titled Effects of Herbicides on the Soil. The project used microBIOMETER® to analyze the impact of glyphosate and natural weed killer on the soil’s fungal to bacterial ratio.

Emaan presented the project at the Pittsburgh Regional Science Fair and placed 3rd in the Earth and Environment category. Congratulations, Emaan!

If you would like to utilize microBIOMETER® in your science fair project please contact us!