How does microBIOMETER® measure microbes?

Soil microbes are tightly bound to and often covered in soil making them very hard to evaluate by microscopy. The special magic of microBIOMETER® is the extraction powder and whisking process that separates most of the microbes from the soil. And during the 20 minute settling time allows the soil particles to precipitate leaving the extraction fluid >95% microbial.

This allows microBIOMETER® to examine 100 – 1000 times more microbes than any other method. When you apply extraction fluid to the membrane in the test card the colored microbes are captured on the surface of the membrane. A cell phone picture of the card is analyzed by the app and the intensity of the color of the microbes indicates their quantity – this is the basis for all laboratory colorimetric tests. We discovered that the fungi in soils are a slightly different color than bacteria, and so the app is able to distinguish between bacteria and fungi.

Click here to see a full video tutorial of microBIOMETER® soil testing.