microBIOMETER® on the golf course!

Graham Mackie, Golf Course Manager at Edzell Golf Course in the U.K., has been using microBIOMETER® to monitor the health of the soil on the greens. Here is what he had to say about our soil test.

“I really like microBIOMETER®. It is simple to use and for the first time I can get baseline readings to see what is effective and what is not in influencing soil biology. As a golf course manager I believe that swinging the F: B ratio in favor of the fungi will allow the dominant grasses to be the desirable perennials.

I took microBIOMETER® readings of the main 18- hole course as well as the small 9-hole course and the readings correlated with what I expected. The 9-hole greens have more poa annua, therefore, were more bacterial dominant. I also took a reading of an area of untouched fescue rough which was very fungal dominant, as expected. It was great to have this theory confirmed. I am now looking forward to see if and how I can swing the balance to more fungal dominance on the greens.”

A BIG thank you to Graham for sharing his testing experience with us!