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microBIOMETER® Partners with Save Soil Foundation

microBIOMETER® is excited to announce a new partnership with the Save Soil Foundation, a global, non-profit organization. The Save Soil Foundation (SSF) was initiated as a part of the #SaveSoil campaign which has committed to solving our planet’s desertification crisis through sustainable soil management practices. 

The purpose of this collaboration is to help further the SSF’s goal through the use of our patented technology, as well as advocate for soil health. We believe this partnership will not only help SSF achieve their goal of restoring soil health worldwide, but will also help us further connect with farmers and growers from around the world. Our company’s mission has always been to provide rapid and affordable technology to help growers of all kinds easily track their soil microbial biomass and improve their soil health; and we believe that we can better achieve this mission through the help of SSF. This new relationship will allow the SSF community to better understand their soil’s microbiological health and tailor their soil management practices accordingly.

 “We are thrilled to welcome microBIOMETER® as a partner in our mission to promote sustainable soil management practices,” said SSF’s Founding Member Committee. “Their expertise in soil testing and commitment to soil health aligns perfectly with our organization’s values, and we look forward to collaborating with them to advance this cause.”

microBIOMETER® celebrates this new partnership and is excited to see the impact it creates. Our hope is that together, we can better promote sustainable management practices while educating growers on the role technology can play in soil health management.

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