microBIOMETER® shows the positive results of holistic cattle grazing on soil health

Leeston Pastoral is a 5th generation, family owned farm in New South Wales, Australia. Historically, they have had a fine wool Merino & Hereford cattle breeding operation. Over the last 20 years they have moved to focus on cattle.

The 2019 drought forced them to reevaluate what operation they wanted to continue in. They decided to adopt a more regenerative approach and move from a cattle breeding operation to a cattle trading operation. They now have one large mob grazing holistically using short grazes and long pasture rest periods.

microBIOMETER® has allowed them to quickly, easily and inexpensively record existing benchmark measurements of their soil microbiology and now reassess the effects of stock movements and plant/soil amendments. They are excited to see the new F:B ratio measurement, as they want to make sure the soils stay fungally dominated so they can more effectively create stored soil organic matter.

They were happy to see their microBIOMETER® results showed an almost 30% increase in microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratio one month after holistic grazing. Studies have shown that a 1.5x increase in your soil’s F:B ratio can lead to a 3x increase in carbon sequestration. Thank you Adam for sharing your experience with us!