Soil Health Trials

Amy Gardner of Kalispell, Montana serves farmers in the Flathead Valley as an agronomy coach through her business, Lower Valley Consulting Inc.

Amy has been scouting soil health trials as part of gathering third-party research for the company AgriGro. Farmers have been applying AgriGro’s prebiotic technology to boost soil health and in turn grow more productive and nutrient-rich crops. Amy uses microBIOMETER® to help compare soil microbiology in the control strips and where the prebiotics have been applied. Other data points collected for the trials have included plant counts, soil moisture, tissue tests, soil tests, vegetative cover percentages, GreenSeeker readings, and root, plant mass and health observations. So far 14 soil health trials have been performed in Montana and Idaho. More trials are scheduled for the Summer of 2023.

Amy Gardner was born and raised in Kalispell, MT. She has her BSc in Agricultural Education from Montana State University. Amy is a Certified Crop Advisor, as well as a Precision Ag Specialist, through the American Society of Agronomy. She is passionate about helping growers build healthy soils to produce high yielding and nutrient-rich crops through precision management. Her and her husband enjoy the Montana outdoors with their 5 boys.