Microbes break down contaminants research shows

In a series of lab tests, Princeton University has discovered that a relatively common soil bacterium has demonstrated its ability to break down the difficult-to-remove class of pollutants called PFAS. Acidimicrobium bacterium A6, removed 60% of PFAS in lab vials over 100 days of observation.

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Healthy soil means hungry soil

Healthy soil is full of tiny lifeforms – bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods and earthworms. A fun way to determine the biology in your soil is by performing the Soil Your Undies Challenge. This challenge consists of burying a pair of 100% cotton undies beneath your soil and digging them up

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An interview with Dr. Judith Fitzpatrick

Dr. Judith Fitzpatrick, microbiologist and developer of microBIOMETER®, had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Galil Garden Podcast. Some of the important topics discussed include: Microbes and pesticide use Microbes affect on erosion The microbial food chain

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