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Cover Crop Study

David Purdy, Territory Business Manager at John Deere and Soil Health Specialist, utilized the microBIOMETER® soil test in his study titled Assessment of the mircoBIOMETER Soil Biology Test for Agrovista LTD.

There is an increased level of interest in soil health and a greater demand for more analytical approaches, in particularly for soil biology, for its assessment from farmers and advisors. This short report reviews the use of a recently developed rapid on-site soil microbial carbon testing tool called microBIOMETER® using a replicated 5 year cover crop experiment.

The experiment was carried out at the location of the Agrovista LTD. trials site is near Lamport in Northamptonshire about 8 miles north of Northampton in the UK. It has a longitude of 52.372234, and latitude of -0.874273. The field site history is of arable farming rotations on a slightly southerly sloping topography.

“The tests, although time consuming, provided an “in field” test that when conducted well seems to suggest it is a reliable, consistent, replicable, and relatively simple test to evaluate soil biological activity.” – David Purdy

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